Video Content

Video content makes for an engaging site.

Voice at SLC

This promotional video was part of a series featuring different elements of the musical theatre program. My colleague and I created branding and a marketing strategy for the program and, with their help, I shot and edited the videos in the series.

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Laugh Riot Teaser

This video was used to promote an upcoming comedy show for Waycik Productions. The client already knew they wanted this format for the video. It is a shorter version of a video that was shown alongside live a performance.

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9to5 SLC

This promotional video for 9to5 was a part of the broader marketing and social media push mentioned above. The goal was to advertise the show as would be done with a professional company to further advertise the program to future students.

Hogtown: The Immersive Experience

At the start of this project, the company already had a strong brand identity and the marketing team came to me with stylistic requirements as well as an idea of the format. Together with Lamport-Sheppard, we planned, shot and edited the video. It was later edited into smaller segments to be used on social media.